About Us

The mission of AllDragon is to build the best digital platform that could be used by all shopping centers, and all retailers, consumers of the centers in a very cost effective way. Since 2014, our digital platform has helped more than 200 shopping centers to better connect retailers and consumers, besides the traditional physical space platform. Our shopping centers clients include large regional centers or smaller community centers. Our major shareholder, PingAn Group, is the largest private enterprise in China providing comprehensive financial services. It ranks 41st on Fortune's Global 500 list. We have offices in Silicon Valley, USA and China.

Our Products


  • CRM
  • Marketing Engine
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Consumer APP
  • Merchant APP
  • Games
  • Open Platform
Differing from traditional CRM, ours aims to add every person who comes into a physical shop or may come in as an user.
We capture not only user’s purchase data, but also their online and offline behavior: what shops they visit and how often, how much time they spend at each shop, and what pages they view online. Labels will be assigned to users automatically based on their behavior. We treat each user as an individual, while also capturing social relationships amongst them.
Marketing Engine
Our powerful marketing engine has been tested in both the physical and online worlds, and it could be best used to connect them together.
Malls and retailers can easily set up rewards such as coupons, points, gifts, or cash. These promotions will be pushed to users if they match the targeted audience criteria in their location, time of visit, online or offline behavior, and interest in product category.
Big Data Analytics
We collect a vast amount of user-generated data, some of which has never been collected before. For example, for one shopping mall, we could collect 50 million records of data per day related to user’s foot traffic.
We cross link user data from physical behavior, online behavior, and purchases to provide reports for management. The data could also be inputted in the marketing engine, which will automatically take action.
Consumer APP
Consumers can use our mobile application for all shopping-related activities: a browse through information before coming to the shop,parking services (spot location and payment), coupon and loyalty points retrieval and redemption, social interactions with other consumers, and games involving online and offline activities.
Merchant APP
Successful digital platform operation requires merchants participation and innovation. Therefore we empower merchants with our specifically designed tool featured with marketing management and customer relationship management.
Our games combine entertainment and marketing. Think about Pokémon Go. Most games have both online component and offline component. It needs to help bring more foot traffic or increase sales. More than 300 games have been played at AllDragon platform in the past three years. We could also develop your games quickly and cost effectively.
Open Platform
Third party applications or plug-ins could be added to our platform via AllDragon Open Platform (AOP). This helps build an ever growing ecosystem to better serve consumers

Our Services

Online operation support
Games/events design and online execution (mobile APP graphical design, game customization).Email support for tenants and shopping center managers regarding digital platform operation.Consumer APP content management, page design.Online training for tenants and shopping center managers.Analytics report.
On-site rollout support
AllDragon staff travel to and stay at all your shopping centers to help rollout: train tenants, shopping center staff, initial rollout events.
Tom Gong
Founder & CEO

Tom Gong is the founding CEO of Wanda e-Commerce, a subsidiary of the world's largest commercial real estate company, Wanda Group. In that position, he converted 100 Wanda malls into smart malls.

Tom was co-founder of AliExpress, a subsidiary of Alibaba. Within 2.5 years, AliExpress blossomed to become the largest global eCommerce platform supporting 15 different languages and delivery to almost every country.

Tom was an engineering manager at Google's headquarters, where he worked in the fields of eCommerce and online payment, which requires regulatory compliance with hundreds of countries

Tom has started two technology companies in the US. He has filed 6 patents in US and Europe. Tom has a MBA and a Masters of Computer Science, both from Columbia University

Connie Kang

Connie Kang is an industry leader in shopping malls and retail. She was acting CEO of Wanda department stores (78 stores, 10,000 employees); COO of GuangBai Group ($3.5 billion USD revenue, public traded company)

Connie has led planning of more than 100 malls. She has rich experience in commercial projects positioning, planning, design, building and operation.

Success Cases

Our digital platform has truly helped our clients achieve great results. Not only has the amount of registered members grown, but the share of member engagement has increased significantly. Such remarkable results helped our clients better serve their customers and gain profit in both the short and long terms.

SCPG, partially owned by Blackstone, was established in April 2003 in Shenzhen. It is China's leading commercial real estate investor, developer, and operator. The Group now owns and manages more than 30 shopping malls, including InCity, with a GFA of over 3 million square meters.
AllDragon has provided the digital platform for all SCPG malls. For example, after six months of using our platform, Hangzhou XiXi InCity’s number of registered users increased ten fold and share of member purchases increased seven fold.
Langold Real Estate
Langold, a publicly traded shopping mall builder and manager, owns and manages over 15 shopping malls with GFAs of one million square meters. AllDragon has provided the digital platform for all Langold malls. We use mobile internet to improve the following consumer experiences: merchant and goods searches; promotion search prior to entering the mall; parking-related services including checking parking availability, paying parking fee, and locating parked car; restaurant queuing service; promotion event enrollment; online customer service; smart phone payment; online gaming outside mall; encouraging sharing of mall information via social media.
AllDragon signed an agreement to help build a smart mall for The Metropolis in August, 2015. The Metropolis was opened in October, 2016. In the 14 months before the opening, we assisted in smart device planning and installation during construction of the mall, including WiFi; parking for 6000 spots; Smart POS linking payment and CRM. We helped Metropolis accumulate 100,000 registered users before the opening of the mall. Within the first two days of the opening, online page view of The Metropolis exceeded one million, and more than 700,000 consumers visited the mall.
Press & Industry Conference Talks
Tom's lectures on Shopping Center Digital Platform